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It’s no wonder that November, December, and January are some of the most active months for home break-ins. Many of us have thousands of dollars worth of tempting gifts sitting in our living rooms for weeks on end, and we are traveling to visit family and friends for the holidays. Common sense (and the movie Home Alone) will tell you that the holiday season is a clear invitation for many criminals to force their way into your home. Keep your home and family safe over the holidays by taking these important security measures:

  • After you read this, take 5 minutes and check all of your doors and locks in and around your house. Most home invasions are unforced entries, so keeping your locks in working order is the first step you should take to prevent a break-in
  • Ensure that your gifts and valuables cannot be seen from the outside of your house. So, if you have your Christmas tree in a window, make sure that the presents are not visible to tempt burglars.
  • When traveling, even for short periods of time, do all that you can to give the appearance that someone is home: have a neighbor pick up your mail/newspaper; leave lights on or set an automatic timer for lights; have a friend or neighbor regularly check on your home
  • Never post your travel plans online before or during your trip
  • Installing security cameras in and around your home is one of the best steps you can take to keep your property safe. You can then keep an eye on your home or family through home automation and video monitoring from anywhere in the world, 24/7.
  • Invest in a home security system and post signs in your yard and on your house advertising system – perhaps the most effective deterrent for burglars.

russell jones By Russell Jones, Co-Owner of Alarm and Electronics

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